Aliens, Cars and… Venture Capital!

We can finally reveal which blockbuster film 20th Century Fox licensed our very own Jamison Young‘s great track “Memories Child” for…


If the image isn’t enough of a hint, or if you live in a bunker with no TV, the film is the greatly anticipated second chapter in X-Files full-length motion pictures, entitled “I Want to Believe”. Useless to say, we’re all incredibly excited to hear Jamison’s music on the big screen, and in such a huge production…


Other news on the licensing front, and good news for our Indie-Rock Nashville based duo You Are A Hologram. The band’s track “Giant Little Gods” has been chosen for an online promotional video for Toyota’s Italian webpage, in the launch of the latest Toyota IQ model. Again, we’re exceptionally glad to have helped music we strongly believe in reach a wide public and a good business deal.

Last month was also one of the star enterprises in the first edition of Italian Venture Capital event Techgarage. The aims of the occasion were the promotion of Italian-based companies in the European technology market, and the building of connections between the world of entreprenuity and web-based startups (in particular of the web 2.0). Both the conference and stand received much consensus, as one of the most innovative musical realities on the (alas, rather static) Italian cultural scenery. The top Italian economic newspaper, “Il Sole 24 Ore” featured an exhaustive article on the event: another reason to be proud of our presence.


Last but not least, we’d love for our readers to check out some of the excellent new music added to lately. From the Heavy Psichedelia of asbestoscape to the excellent live dance gigs by Science vs Nature, from Ten Mile Tide‘s classic Americana to a wonderful 1938 rendition of Puccini‘s Tosca: never sleeps, and is always seeking for the best sounds around!

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  1. Kat says:

    Can’t wait til hear your music in what will no doubt be a blockbuster film here in the US.

    Good luck with your music career.

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