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Copyright Czars & a Funny Comic Strip

On Monday president Bush signed the infamous PRO-IP act, instituting a Copyright Czar, on par with the current Drug Czar. The law creates new classes of felony criminal copyright infringement, adds civil forfeiture provisions that incorporate by reference parts of … Continue reading

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Home made psychedelia and Flower Power! is ever more proud of its’ growing catalogue, and the variety of genres it is coming round to cover. From the most avant-garde experiments in electronica and rock, to orchestral new age wonders, the gamma of modern music styles … Continue reading

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Does the world still need a BeatPick? was founded almost three years ago, in the February of 2006. An eternity in the frenzied rhythms of today’s multimedia-centred music business. In reading some of the principles that inspired its’ birth – music with no DRM or strings … Continue reading

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Handpicked Music vs. Library Music: Why and How selects its’ music.

My name is Benjamin Ginsborg. For over a year now I have been in charge of music selection at This type of activity regards the construction of a catalogue that is both capable of offering high quality productions, and, … Continue reading

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