Home made psychedelia and Flower Power!

BeatPick.com is ever more proud of its’ growing catalogue, and the variety of genres it is coming round to cover. From the most avant-garde experiments in electronica and rock, to orchestral new age wonders, the gamma of modern music styles is now almost completely available on the site. Today, I’d love to point readers in the direction of two of our latest signings, by showing you a couple of videos I discovered on YouTube. Two completely different approaches to psychedelia, and two stunning live performances, in completely different contexts.

Minimalist Orchestra are Scooter Vineburgh’s brain child. Combining classic chill-out sounds with the percussions created by using Roland’s original Handsonic, the HPD-15, Scooter has generated a truly high-class album, “Arrivals and Departures” (listen to it at BeatPick.com). This video depicts him inserting percussions on one of the album’s tracks: entertaining and interesting, it’s a clear demonstration of how technical knowledge can be declined to transmit musical feeling in a passionate and creative fashion.

The second video carries us across the States, and back in time, to the Mulberry Mountain Harvest Fest of 2007. This is the scene upon which anotherof our favourite recent signings, Ten Mile Tide, stir up an exceptional live performance. Bare feet, violin solos, long beards, an attitude not far from the classic Grateful Dead style. Pure and simple Flower Power, at its’ best!!! Enjoy!

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