Great New Artists at!

Here’s a quick post (things are evermore hectic, but we’d never give you up, adorable readers) to point you all in the direction of some of the latest signings we’re proudest of! As usual, a varied, colourful collection of artists, tracks and genres, for all tastes.

First up New York songwriter Alexa Wilkinson, with her magnificent mixture of fizzy Pop songs and heart-broken ballads. Tracks from the album have featured on MTV’s The Hills, proving full TV potential. It just takes one listen to her album, and a glimpse at her pictures to understand why this particular girl has star potential in her.


Next up Daniel Martin Diaz’s spooky semi-goth project Blind Divine, a surprising meeting point between high quality atmospheric productions and 80s goth wave. Take a listen to either of their albums to see what we mean. And if you get a chance visit their website, where Daniel’s fantastic artworks are on display (he even drew the cover for P.O.D.’s 500.000 copy-selling debut album).

Sara Ayers is instead a British sound experimentress. Her vocal layers create emotional, sometimes spooky, sometimes dreamy soundscapes, and have so impressed the Chemical Brothers that they used a sample of her work on the album Push the Button. At we always appreciate those who challenge the listener with something completely different, and this is one the finest examples we can provide.


Last but not least. Probably you all know by now that we are based in Rome, Italy, and are always seeking for local talent to expose, especially given the disastrous situation of the Italian musical underground, where bands are lucky to get exposure on a local level, let alone hope for international appreciation.
The latest signings in this direction are all yet another demonstration of the great quality on the completely unknown Italian scene: from Smider‘s Drill’nPiano experiments to Francesco Lettera‘s Wizard of Oz-inspired symphonic work (its’ pretty cover can be seen here above), from Tobacco Music‘s (the monicker hides classic house producer Giordano Trivellato) Tropical Lounge beats to Lam‘s post-post-Rock imaginary soundtracks.


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