’s Third Anniversary

It was January 2006 when at we first started uploading artists to our site. Back then, with less than 30 artists in our catalogue,  the 3 year survival of such an innovative approach and system in music business was quite a bet.

Now, January 2009, we have recently passed the 150 artist mark, and is evermore alive and kicking!

To celebrate our anniversary, we’re proud to propose a brief photographic tribute to those wonderful artists who have been with us since the very beginning. Our success and persistence is due in large part to them, and they are the ones who should most be celebrated.
What better moment to discover them, readers?


Attrition. Historical Gothic Wave British project. More than 20 years of activity and cult-status.


Airbag Killex. Italian Breakcore terrorist.


 A Crowning Experience. Tom Crowning’s New Age Synthesizer-centred project.


Carl Moses. Energetic Themes for TV and the widescreen.


Shiner22. Danish Progressive Pop/Rock combo.


Synthead. Max Pray’s Electronic tribute to the 80s.


The Acuna Boyz. Exciting Dance Professionals.


The Alpha Rhythm (left)’s Post-Rock elegance and Tolera Storm (right)’s Blend of Asian, African and Western traditions. (Thanks so much, Daysha!).

Ultimately, this is the ideal occasion to send out a little teaser for all followers of the BeatPick world. Check out the image below, because a big revolution is coming your way….


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    I like your post. Good stuff. Keep them coming :)…

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