Nell Bryden: a portrait of the up and coming Queen of Americana

At we’ve always been huge fans of Nell Bryden‘s magnificent voice and songwriting talents. Her album “Second Time around” is a collection of tracks that are one stronger than the next, and have been playing in our office non-stop for over a year.

From magnificent ballads, such as “Goodbye” and “From Midnight On” to rocking rootsy Country tracks like the title track and “Where the pavement ends“; from retro feeling beauties “If I Forget” and “Tonight” to Mitchell-inspired Americana in “Only Life she knows“:seriously, readers, this is an album to be discovered!

Especially now that Nell is truly beginning to find cult following in the US, is touring Europe, and finding ever-growing space in the media. To get an idea of what we’re speaking of, check out her new, super-slick video for the album’s title track:

Nell is super-active in promoting her music. In October she even flew into Iraq to play for the US troops and local guards who are unfortunately still stuck in the middle of the yet-to-be-motivated conflict. On her official site, she wrote a very interesting and insightful blog about her experience in the country. Worth reading for music-lovers and non.Check out Nell’s wonderful sound, at!

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