has a new face: Indie Music and Music Licensing one step closer.

The new has been developed to be a quick, easy-to-use and tidy one-stop music licensing service.


We see the new as an improvement towards a no fuss application for licensing music for any media and commercial exploitations, downloading music for free for non commercial projects and receiving free music consultancy in as little as 24 hours. is home to a carefully selected yet diverse roster of over 200 musicians showcasing all music flavours from 40 different countries. Circa 5000 music tracks are available to meet the needs of professionals, developing artists and students.

What’s in the new

· The large audio streaming player is the core of the website: this is where you can search, listen to and download songs, buy albums, license music, save playlists and share music.

· We are proud to host a high quality music catalogue composed of cult music labels, promising talents, established professionals and experimental projects.

· One stop online music licensing for master and publishing rights: search and listen to songs, answer a few questions, download an agreement and tracks. Pay immediately or choose to pay later. 24/24. 7/7. Worldwide.

· Free music consultancy. Fill in a simple online form and we will email you a link to download a selection of music targeted at your needs. Within 24 hours.

What remains from the old

· All our music is still released under a Creative Commons license Attribution – Share Alike – Non commercial.

· Music is still free to download and use for non-commercial projects.

· It’s still possible to buy an album and share it with friends.

· We still pay 50% of all earnings to the artists, our agreements are non exclusive and can be terminated in any given moment. We do not ever charge fees to the musicians and they collect 100% of the back end royalties unless they requires royalties administrations.

Overview of the company. was born in the February of 2006 as a net label that could cater also for music licensing. Over the course of the past three years specialized in providing music for both commercial and non commercial multimedia projects. Circa 200 independent artists have joined the service, from over 40 different countries. Commercial music licenses have been arranged for hundreds of small to mid-sized clients. Music licenses were issued also for major brands such as 20th Century Fox, Ralph Lauren, Toyota, Dodge, Scott Wintersport, The Travel Channel, Chevrolet. The company is also proud to have helped students, developing professionals and open source projects in finding good music to use for free in their non commercial projects.

To download this press release, click here.

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