Great new artists on the new!

With the new website on a full roll,’s ears are ever more open in search for the hottest new sounds around. So far, three great new artists are already on the site, awaiting to be discovered all our fantastic readers and listeners…


UK based songwriter Michael Hartnett is an exciting discovery for all modern Rock lovers, mixing a MOD/British taste for melody somewhat close to Paul Weller with Electronic contaminations from the new Millennium.

From Pensacola, Florida, comes Robin Stine. Meet her seductive voice and Jazzy grooves, tributing and innovating Jazz songwriting all the way from Ella Fitzgerald to Norah Jones, in what is an exceptionally mature and refined debut album, “Daydream“. A new super-favourite in the BeatPick listening department!

daydream-album-compressed takes pride in discovering young and lesser known talents alongside more established Indie authors. This is the case of young composer Zeynep, our latest finding. Combining the atmospheric and tense orchestral solutions of Vangelis with John Cage and Aphex Twin‘s prepared piano experimentations, her debut EP “The Empty Bedroom” is bound to capture the attention of all avant-garde, contemporary Classical composition lovers’ attention.



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    Your are Great. And so is your site! Awesome content. Good job guys! Interesting article, adding it to my favourites!

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