Hot News: “Please Give” & the BeatPick chart

We’re very proud at to announce the closing of an exciting licensing deal involving three of our favourite artists, whose music is to be used in cult woman director Nicole Holocefner‘s upcoming fifth film, entitled “Please Give. Starring the likes of Catherine Keener (remember the bitchy office worker in Being John Malkovich?), Amanda Peet and Rebecca Hall. The film is in post-production and scheduled for worldwide release before the summer.


And BeatPick is incredibly happy to have helped three independent musicians reach the ears of worldwide cinema crowds: so hats off to the lyrical rampage of Bay Area Diva Keldamuzik (“Weight Up“, also featuring Lingo Starr, is the track to be featured), Hip Hop superproducer IZM (“Understand Why“, featuring T.O.C.) and long-time BeatPick artist and Japan resident Windcheater (“Apathetic“) for the excellent works worthy of a place on the big screen!

Also, we are getting in the first statistics from our new website, and would like to share with you our very own Top 20 chart of the most listened to tracks of our catalogue during the past month:

1.SOULARTomorrow Never Comes
3.DEF SHEPARDTechnique
4.NELL BRYDEN “Goodbye
5.REDCLOUD & DJ WISE “21 Jump Street

6.ELEVENTH SUN “Federal;   7. ALEXA WILKINSON “Lullaby Appetite;   8. WHITEROOM “Barcelona;   9. OHN “Any Way U Look at It;   10. KABOOSE “Goin’ Outta Control

11. Carl Moses “Crash; 12. AndreaLoko “Ottobre Come Marzo; 13. Sharif “You Are My Girl; 14. Nell Bryden “Tonight; 15. Olivia “Something Greater; 16. WhiteRoom “Papillons; 17. Alexa Wilkinson “Waterline; 18. Ohn “While you were sleeping; 19. Spit at Stars “Innocent Breathing; 20. EgocentriX “Street Samurai.

So what are you waiting for? Go and discover some of these hot tracks!

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