The marvels of circuit bending at meet Cobol Pongide

Probably few of our readers are familiar with the meaning of the term Circuit Bending. What it indicates is the process of creative short circuiting electronic devices. Over the past decade or so this has become a practice many musicians/electronic engineers have carried out on old Toy instruments and vintage gaming consoles, to often extraordinary effects.


Homing in Italy, latest signing Cobol Pongide is definitely one of the finest examples of what circuit bending can actually accomplish with the right mix of technical wizardry and musical taste. After two years of intense live activity, the “duo” (in truth the second member of the band is a toy robot!) have released their debut album “Musica per anziani cosmonauti” (lit. Music for old-aged cosmonauts), a magnificent blend of Eighties vintage sounds, toy chants and melodies, romatic nostalgia and electro-wave cavalcades. A work that truly deserves international attention and appraisal.

Amongst the many, many gimmicks and short circuited devices Cobol Pongide play we can surely list: educational keyboards [such as Bontempi, Casio, Chicco, etc]; gamiong consoles [such as Gameboy and Commodore 64]; self built electronic instruments [such as Casio_bol life generator, Biodrum, etc] that were born through the modifying of toy keyboards’ circuits. Check out these cool photos of some of his toys!

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