Bye Bye Nell Bryden!

Bye Bye Nell Bryden!

nell2A few days ago, famous New York singer Nell Bryden decided to quit her contract with How come?   She has received an unrenounceable offer from UK number one Marketing and Management agency, the NS&A. Not bad at all for Nell who will probably run into Bono of the U2, Yusuf (Cat Sevens), Vangelis, or even into Eagles’guitarist, (just a few names from the list of artists that chose NS&A management).

BeatPick had to say goodbye to one of the most beautiful and promising voices of its roster. BeatPick can only be pleased and proud of having been part of the rise of such an artist. Goodbye Nell! Here at BeatPick we are all very happy for you. Congratulations and good luck with your bright carreer!

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