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We are happy to announce that after a lot of hard work, our people have made a great deal with Ustation, licensing music (which might involve you!), for a show called “Universication” on Italian National Television. It will be the first time that music licensed under Creative Commons will be used on Italian national television and about 130 tracks, which all come out of BeatPicks catalog, are broadcasted for 12 episodes and credits appear MTV-style. The national TV channel, La7, airs the show and they are considered to be the third main Italian network station, which guarantees major publicity for all involved artists!

From September until this Christmas, the show Universication is aired and most likely the show will run for 3 seasons. Ustation, an Italian University Media station, produces the show in a new format and each episode will be shot in a different university.  The aim of the show is for students to discover, how university radio and TV works and how they can represent students’ dreams and ambitions. BeatPick will be the exclusive supplier of the music for the entire show!

You can now watch the entire show at Universication and every week we will publish a list on our blog with songs which has been used during the show.

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