Episodes week 3&4 Universication TV Show

ImmagineThis week we arrived to episode nr. 3 and 4. The cities where the italian Universication-show was shot were this time Padova and Cagliari. If you want to see the whole show, please click here. Again, some songs were braodcasted several times, find below the list of both cities!

City of Padova (episode 3)

Sackcloth Fashion – Ride on
Q*Ball – Get on the Bus
Softwhere – Nuthin to say
Olivia – See You Never, See You Soon
Laura Roppe – Sing a Love Song
OHN – Bubblegum, Ijo People
Maryz Eyez – Soulmate Destiny
The Juice To Make It Happen – Interstate, Addict
Lojique – YouDontKnowTheHalf
Fonkmasters – Dig This
Olivia – Sunrise

City of Cagliari (episode 4)

Shinner22 – Split kid Jig
Colin O’Dwyer – Sting Me
Lush Logic – Molly’s Groove, Push the Red Button
Softwhere – Coke Machine, Nuthin To Say
Smider – Air
Feriz Blue – Presidential Dreams
Foley – Pacific Highway
Giuseppe Verdi – Sempre Libera
EgocentriX – Gang War in Milan
Olivia – Sunrise
Rookie – Rollover
A New Ascension – Tina Gray
Makyo Star – Perfect Score (Time Bomp Mix)
Gone by Ten – Blinkers

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