Episodes week 7 & 8 Universication TV show

Immagine3Welcome back to the item of the Universication show! We’re happy to inform you that it has already been broadcast for 2 months now and the last episode reached a market share of 8%! This week we arrived to episode nr. 7 and 8 of the Universication show on La7 and the cities were this time Perugia and Milano. Please find below the list of both cities -note that all artists are listed in alphabetical order-. You can find all the episodes back here and next week we will publish another list on this blog, so stay tuned!

City of Perugia (episode 7)
Airbag Killex– Street Porn Chase
Antonio Genovino– Pizzicato
Carl Moses– Gotta Get To The Bank
Cranston Foundation – Elevate
Happy Anarchy– Is That Right
Josh Winiberg – Silent Embrace
JS JF Pulverize– Smash
Laura Roppe – Sing a love song
Meagin Donovan – Calling U Home
Municipale Balcanica– Odessa Bulgarish
Nyki Lindsay King– Fade away
Ohn– Ijo People
Olivia– See You Never, See You Soon / Sunrise
Public Jones– The Fall
Sackcloth Fashion – Leaning ft. Marcos Curiel from POD
Whiteroom– Barcelona

City of Milano (episode 8)
Amigaman– Head High / Swim
Giorgio Costantini– Tutto l’amor perduto
Olivia– Sunrise
Pointe Claire– Brown Eyes
Silence is Sexy– This is out start / Stories yet to come
Spit at Stars– Innocent Breathing
The Jancee Pornick Casino– Pogo Nyak
The Words– Time
Transistor Radio– Ra -Random

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