Episode week 9 & 10 Universication TV Show

Immagine3Welcome back to the Universication TV Show! We are almost at the end of the episodes,  this week we arrived in the northern city of Trento and the southern city Urbino. Please find below the list of licensed tracks and artists -note that all artists are listed in alphabetical order-. Besides this, you can find all the episodes back here and next week we will publish another list on this blog, so stay tuned!

City of Urbino (episode 9)
Amigaman– Wake Up
Colin O’Dwyer– Don’t Box Yourself (reggae version)
Ex Norwegian– Something Unreal
Geoff Abraham– My sweet enemy
Giorgio Costantini– Tutto l’amor perduto
Karen Craig– Not the enemy
Olivia– Sunrise
Robin Stine– Made for two
Shane Newville– Fizz Intro
Silence is Sexy– Low
The Juice to make it happen– Addict

City of Trento (episode 10)
Amigaman– High With Me
Bob Rifo– Knockin’ With My Dj
CC Sound Factory– Crazy Nasty
Cranston Foundation– Mass Confusion / Movement Revolution
Joplin S.– The Silver Rag
Lush Logic– The Clock is Ticking
Maryz Eyes– Lie Awake
Nyki Lindsay King– Fade Away
Olivia– Sunrise
Revolution Nine– My Lai
Silence is Sexy– Ages
Soular– Tomorrow Never Comes
Transistor Radio– To ask is to receive
Twilight Archive– Something Unquiet

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