“Best Of” Universication show


And as expected a “Best of” show of the Universication show has be compiled and will be aired this Sunday the 13th of December. We are happy that we were involved in this project and would like to say to the involved artists that they can expect a newsletter one of these days regarding the details of this show. Hopefully you all enjoyed the show and of course we keep you updated when there are plans for a follow-up Universication show. Please find below the artists and tracks which were used in the Best Of episode.

Best Of (episode 13, link will follow)
Green Olive Tree– Fake (False)
Joplin S.– The Silver Rag
Mooty– Mushi Mushi
Municipale Balcanica– Odessa Bulgarish
Olivia– Sunrise
The Juice to make it happen– Imperfect Pitch
Transistor Radio– 4th and Broadway

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