Melissa Moshé in the Artist Spotlight!

This week we would like to introduce to you Melissa Moshé, it all began when a cocktail waitress and a bar realized they had more in common than just drinking. Melissa Moshé & Tom Mandulak met as co-workers in 2002 at a bar in the East Village of New York City. Tom had just started playing cello and Melissa had casually written a couple of songs – so it seemed completely reasonable that they start a band.  After many years of playing together, Melissa & Tom were forced to separate due to geographical differences – Tom still resides in New York City and in late September 2005 Melissa returned home to Los Angeles. Melissa is very happy to announce that her first full-length album  is FINALLY done!! The debut album is titled “small world for left hands” and we would like to invite you to listen to this great lounge, relaxed music here!

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