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“Swap Music for Promotion” at

We wanted to introduce you guys to a new promotion-tool which our web-developer has created for the non-commercial projects. With this tool, our artists will profit and obtain more promotion from the non-commercial license. It works as follows: At the … Continue reading

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New language feature in Beatpick’s Music Search

From today on, you will be able to search music in your own language. A new feature has been installed at which enables you to search in the 52 main world languages. If you, for example, type in the … Continue reading

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Beatpick uploads the 300th Artist!

We are proud to announce that Beatpick has accepted and activated today her 300th artist. Number 300 is the artist Modfunk, with his Electro & Electronic Rock music, Modfunk had a guest appearance by the French super-group Cassius and John … Continue reading

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Fake Elegance in the Artist Spotlight!

It is the beginning of a new year and we have chosen to start the year energetic with one of our modern electronic bands Fake Elegance! Since their inception in 2005, Fake Elegance managed to earn the reputation of the … Continue reading

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The Words and The Studioband Headliner in Mercedes Benz Mixedtape

From today on 2 of our artists, to be exact The Words and the Studioband Headliner, will be introduced and shown for 8 weeks in a row at the Mercedes Benz website in the section Mixed Tape. We are happy … Continue reading

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