Fake Elegance in the Artist Spotlight!

It is the beginning of a new year and we have chosen to start the year energetic with one of our modern electronic bands Fake Elegance! Since their inception in 2005, Fake Elegance managed to earn the reputation of the live band playing positively charged and energetic music. In the beginning of summer 2008 the band’s “Beautiful Morning” track became the morning hit and climbed to the highest places in Eastern Europe radio charts. fakeelegance

Despite the clear hint of pop in their songs, Fake Elegance don’t associate themselves with the mass pop culture. Fake Elegance creatively combine modern electronic-synth sounding with expressive-delicate piano roulades, punchy-tasty rock guitar riffs, and sexy-charming female pop vocals. All of the above makes their songs gentle but energetic at the same time as well as close to each and every person. Listen now to their great music here

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  1. Tony says:

    Wow! Cool band! Great music!

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