Proteus Noir in the Artist Spotlight!

proteusAs we stay in Eastern Europe, we would like to introduce you to Proteus Noir, an electronic music band formed just a few years ago in Slovenia.

The frontman, Anze Iglicar, was disappointed about the development of popular electro genres and started to seek for a new sound. After a period of music experimenting, cooperating with various musicians and genre-trips, Anze joined his ideas and inspiration with Dejan a former guitarist of a local punk-rock-ska band Pudding Fields. A period was followed by a creative and interesting year in a studio with Anze, working on a music project that could fulfill an empty space in their music life. The third band-member, Aleks,  is an industrial designer and a musician with an inspiration bigger than the world he lives in.

Together they form Proteus Noir and make great Electro & Electronic Rock music, check them out here!

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