Richtaste in the Artist Spotlight!

richtasteRichtaste is the very well known band from Switzerland that includes Marc Gasser, Roger Vez, Raphael Nussbaum, Reto Gasser and Stefan Fankhauser. Their 2 albums had a great amount of radio plays in the United States due to the Sunset Records label picking up the CDs for the rest of the world outside Switzerland and Germany.

“When I hear our songs today, I really feel we could not be better in a better place today,” says singer and songwriter Stefan Fankhauser. “Our sound has more eggs (nuts) than before! Our expectations were not met,” admits Fankhauser and relates to the new support the band has in place that has opened up their musical ideas and the production pieces it all together perfect. “We were busy with the production for so much time, that we already were filled up to the top with new ideas when releasing” Frankhauser says. Unapologetically the five now dare to face also critical issues. Richtaste knows that light and shadow in the real world are as close together as in the show business.

Listen to their music and be impressed by the sound!

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