BeatPick: Non-Commercial Feedback Tool

Non-commercial projects: In Brief
New features have been added to our software. Non commercial users have always been required to leave their email address, name, and project description. Furthermore, upon completion of the project, if the creator is interested in showing the artist/s how he or she utilized the single or multiple tracks, he or she is given the possibility to leave a link upon the completion of their work (their finished product). The final project will appear on the artist backend and you will be able to check the usage and credits; moreover, use it in your show reel.

Non-commercial projects: Clarification
Our policy is: that we allow non commercial users to sync your music for free. We believe this positively contributes to the diffusion of your popularity as well as increases in networking and in rights management. Your music is offered for free mainly to amateurs, prosumers, students, small non-profit organizations and open source projects. We offer your music for free to the above categories because we are certain that the individual/s would find an alternative path to obtain the single or multiple tracks desired, that meets their needs for free, but illegally. BeatPick believes it is impossible to prevent unauthorized uses. Moreover, we are certain that the above people use your music in a non commercial context; to have fun, be creative or to learn. They would not be able or willing to pay to use your music. Therefore, they would simply continue to use the grey market. We believe it is best to offer a legal alternative in exchange for their email and name. Furthermore, the option to link their projects on our website and the obligation to credit your names within their projects.

New feedback tool with your music!

In order to meet your demand for a feedback-tool, we have been working on a non-commercial feedback system.

How does it work?

  1. The first step for non commercial users is to leave their name, a valid email address and a brief project description.
  2. Upon our acceptance, we send a link to the user’s email address. We also ask the individual to come back to our site and post a final version of the non commercial project/s.
  3. After 15, 30 and 90 days an automatic follow up is sent to the user, which functions as a reminder to post a web-link to the completed project .
  4. When a new project is posted on your artist account, a notice is sent to your email address (make sure it is valid). You will be asked to follow a web-link that opens a up a preview of the video.

This is the email you will receive with the link already embedded:

e-mail BP

Below the image of the e-mail, you can see the video in your backend. In bold: “Actions” in blue: “ Feedback(s)”


After you click on the feedback, the image at the bottom will pop up on your screen, where you can directly see your work!



Blog Post By: Marzia Ferraris

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