Article Published about BeatPick, in “Ventiquattro” “Sole 24 Ore”, the Italian equivalent of “Financial Times”!

Take a peek at the following article published last Friday, May 21st, about the the birth and growth of BeatPick since 2006!
Download the pdf at the following link:
The article was published in the magazine “Ventiquattro”, Sole 24 Ore, an Italian newspaper which primarily focuses on Finance and the Markets, making it the most important newspaper in all of Italy. Its circulation is of approximately 390,000 people and it reaches an estimated total of 1,200,000 readers per day.

It is an exclusive article due to its detailed explanation of Business Unit 1: music Licensing for film, advertising, and games,  as well as a descriptive introduction to Business Unit 2: the creation of in-store Radios, with audio content which is not managed by the collecting societies.  BeatPick follows an ethical model using Creative Commons which is also discussed in-between the lines!

BeatPick offers a Music Licensing service of “Real Music”at a more affordable price, but with the same quality of music you would listen to on your iPod! Enjoy!

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The BeatPick Team

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