REWF Video Art Contest 2010, Won by Giuseppe LaSelva, Music from BeatPick

REWF-1Roma Europa Web Factory, Giuseppe LaSelva won contest for best 30” Video Art –Spot! Music from BeatPick! Name of song and Artist: “Coffee House Exploshe”, by Shane Newville!
REWF is an online mean which gives all talented visual creators, of visual art clips, the possibility to share their work and enter various contests such as “Videoart”, “Music@” “100 Words” and “Spot”. REWF awards the best clips with a cash prize of 5000 euro! Signing up does not require you to submit video art, you can if you desire, but it also means that you can place a vote on your preferred clips contributing to the rankings, and/or you are encouraged upon your desire, to publish articles in the “Open Space” section of their website, becoming a Trend Hunter.
Thanks to BeatPick’s exceptional music library and REWF’s brilliant online video art service, our partnership has been a great success! All videos that entered the Roma Europa Web Factory 2010 contest had the authority to utilize BeatPick as their music supplier, making sure to always attribute the name of the song and artist in either the opening or closing credits.
Both REWF and BeatPick, strongly believe in introducing talented creative minds to the public and giving opportunities for dedicated artists to create a name for themselves, making themselves visible and known through New Media. Your work can be only a click of a mouse away from being discovered!

Blog Post By- Marzia Ferraris

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