One of BeatPicks Artists, Marina V, Opens up to us in a Brief Interview

Marina V GOODMarinaV, originally from Soviet Russia, has been recently growing rapidly as a Classic Pop/Pop Rock composer and singer. BeatPick noticed her talent right away, and so have many of our clients. She is now being listened to in thousands of stores across Europe. Her many successes and supportive fans around the world have caught our attention, so we would like to dedicate this blog to her and all of her hard work, as well as to encourage the passionate artists out there to keep creating and submitting music to us!

Here are a few questions we asked Marina:
Unbalanced”  is playing in hundreds of stores across Europe through BeatPicks music licensing service, how are you finding your experience with BeatPick? I’m really happy that my songs are playing in many stores (like Aiazzone/B&S furniture stores in Italy!) across Europe thanks to BeatPick’s programs, it’s very exciting!!! I think BeatPick’s program is wonderful as it’s helping me get my music to unique outlets! Thank you, BeatPick!!
Marina entered a competition on and ranked first place
Can you tell us a bit more about this competition on Outstage?    I entered my song “You Make Me Beautiful” into the contest on – which is a great new site/company that is affiliated with such entities as MTV & Lilith Fair. There were competitions in different channels (genres), and my song was competing against 600+ songs in the female singer/songwriter category. It won the category, and then there was the competition amongst the top songs in each of the 33 genres, and, thanks to fan votes – I ranked first and won the GRAND overall prize!

Marina needed funds for her new album, so she decided to turn to her fans for help.
How did you manage to raise the money to make your new album? 
I really wanted to go into the studio and make a new album, but didn’t have the funds.. So I decided to go to my fans and ask them for help! I set up a page on and explained to my Patrons of the Arts about the recording and how much I needed! I was able to raise almost $30,000! I am very lucky to have such amazing fans!

Marina’s music is not only playing in thousands of stores across Europe, she has also been Co-writing with NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” composer and using the songs for the show.
How did you like working with soap operas? How did you get into that field? Is it something you would repeat?
I met the composer for NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” who really liked my music and asked me to co-write a few songs with him for the show!! We wrote 4 songs, then we recorded them and had them in the show!! It was lots of fun and I hope to do more in the future!

 We would like to conclude by thanking Marina and wishing her the best of luck for the future! If you go on you can get 2 free downloads of her music.

Blog Post by- Marzia Ferraris

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