BeatPick’s New Videos in Collaboration with Kris Hofmann

Kris Hofmann produced three short, mini videos to help explain how BeatPick can facilitate your navigation through the intricate music licensing processes to develop a successful and fulfilled integrated result.

The three videos incorporate analogies of common situations to help all audiences better understand what exactly it is can do for them (you) in an accessible and coherent manner.

Beatpick / spot 03 from Kris Hofmann on Vimeo.

The first video uses the common difficulty of managing to assemble a piece of furniture. The video identifies the trouble many people can have in understanding where everything goes, what piece fits with what, or even the function itself of the piece.  BeatPick serves as an expert architect to help you assemble all of the pieces correctly to produce the final product at its most stable, successful, and capable capacity.

Beatpick / spot 01 from Kris Hofmann on Vimeo.

The second video uses yet another common difficulty many people experience, that of unlatching  a bra in the dark in order to take it off as its final outcome.  BeatPick can help you ‘’find the light’’ and aid the development of your desires, sauced at accomplishing your goals, and achieve an outstanding result.

Beatpick / spot 02 from Kris Hofmann on Vimeo.

The third video illustrates how BeatPick can act as a translator, due to the fact that music terminology, concepts, and procedures can be so difficult to understand and read; even as tough as reading Chinese as the video points out.  BeatPick is an expert at translating the music licensing technical jargon and putting it into language that is approachable and easy to understand, allowing clients to feel comfortable and confident in working with BeatPick to incorporate music effectively and artistically.

The three videos have already been featured on SPOTLIGHT, and are accompanied with a Question and Answer interview section with the producer Kris Hofmann herself.  Follow the link to watch the videos and to read what Kris has to say!

The Reel will also be featuring the videos, so keep your eyes open!

The videos have also been posted on websites such as FREQUENCY and VIMEO, and are gaining recognition as they spread throughout the cyberworld.

About the Producer :

Kris Hofmann is London based and graduated with a MA in Communication Design from the Royal College of Art in 2009. She currently works as Animation Director at Freelance.

Kris has received great recognition in honors and awards, such as Official selection of ‘Breakfast’ at Dresden Shortfilmfestival, as well as the V&A Illustration Award 2009, Shortlisted Toyota IQ design challenge 2009, and the Shortlisted Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2009.

To see her full profile/ resume, follow the link below :

Kris also has her own personal website and updates her page with her recent endeavors and activities.  Follow the link to view her personal website :

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