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This article aims to give an overview on as a company, highlighting its main features and mission, and it also aspires to be a fresh start for a more regular and active interaction between Beatpick and its audience.

THE IDEA as a company saw the light in 2006, but like every other business, the idea of it sinks its roots way before. was born from the urge of satisfying a need: making the music licensing experience simpler, more practical, efficient and most of all, fair.

Davide d’Atri, founder of the company, after entering the Music Industry world, soon realised that something had to change and instead of waiting and complaining he started thinking how to act.

Exploiting the potential of the Creative Commons licenses, Davide had the chance to create the kind of record label he always wanted: free, easy, not exclusive.

Beatpick idea began to take shape and develop in what it is become today: a music licensing company with an open online catalogue of more than 10.000 handpicked songs and 1000 artists, which in the last 4 years sold more than 4000 commercial licenses.

THE SERVICE service is pretty simple and straightforward: any artist can submit his music to the website.

After a careful selection, with the aim of maintaining a high quality and diversified catalogue, the artist is offered to sign a contract.

What’s the deal?

Beatpick shares earnings 50/50 with the artists, back end royalties belong 100% to the musicians, the agreement is strictly non-exclusive and can be terminated anytime by the artist.

The artist gains visibility on the website, by now trusted by major clients in the music licensing business as 20th Century Fox, Samsung, Mercedes and Philip Morris among others.

Moreover, the artist can decide to agree or not to donate his music to non commercial and non profit projects, increasing the chances of being noticed by a large audience.


Nowadays Beatpick catalogue counts more than 10.000 selected songs by 1000 artists.

Every genre is represented by the most original music on the market and thanks to the powerful search engine it’s easy to find what you are looking for.

Every track is tagged by: genre, keywords, main instrument, mood, sounds like, tempo, song topic, vocal or instrumental and language.

In other words, if you are looking for an energetic indie song, with male English vocal that sounds like The Arctic Monkeys and talks about partying, well, you can actually find it immediately.

The search can be easily refined or expanded, you get to listen to all the tracks you want and you can either save them into your “Beatlist” or decide to license the song immediately with just a couple of clicks.

All the different kind of licenses are precisely explained and the prices are fully disclosed to clear all the doubts and allow an informed and undaunted purchase.


Beatpick deals with every kind of client, from the smallest private business, to big companies and government institutions as:

20th Century Fox, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Dodge, Samsung, Lufthansa, Playstation, The Italian Ministry of Youth, Ford, Puma, Original Marines, Ralph Lauren, Scott, Fedora, Roche, Apollinaris, Burda:IC, K Swiss, Rosenblum, Escada, Service Plan, Travel Channel, Max Mara, Gas, Kellogg’s, Oviesse, Bertolli, Harley Davidson, Cinema The Space and Philip Morris.

Beatpick also offers, to those who require it, a FREE consulting service, tailored upon the client needs and requests. Just compile the contact form explaining what kind of music you are searching for, and you will receive a music selection based on your request in the next 24 hours.

 BeatPick, Our Music For Your Ideas!

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