Emerald Park featured in Ray Ban “Flash Lenses” campaign.

Beatpick has provided the soundtrack for the latest Ray Ban  online advert.

The idea behind the project was to give a spectacular look of the special lens treatment, based on the real physical process through which the lenses are colored.

When it comes to advertising, the choice of the right tune  is crucial, and guiding the client towards the best music option is essential.  Beatpick staff, keeping in mind and interpreting the leads given by Ray Ban, succeeded in delivering a top class music supervision and sound design service.

The background music chosen was “Intro” by the Swedish music collective Emerald Park, which came through all the client needs, fitting perfectly  with  the visuals and the message the campaign aimed to deliver.

Emerald Park is  an indie pop music collective from Malmö, Sweden. The core of the band through the years has been singer/songwriter Tobias Borelius and singer Martina Johansson. The collective distinguishes itself for the extreme variety of its  influences that make its music at same time familiar and unique.

“Intro” , the song featured in the RayBan advertisement, is part of “For Tomorrow”,  Emerald Park’ second album, which can be listened and licensed through Beatpick music library  following this link.: http://www.beatpick.com/albums/for_tomorrow_2010_edition?albumid=6617

Below you can enjoy the “Flash Lenses” viral campaign video.

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