Oleg Mokhov, known by his artist name, Mokhov, was born in Russia, raised in the US, and he is now based in Las Vegas.

He started making music in the late ’99 and pursued a traditional producer career during the 00’s, but it’s around 2011 that he decided to actually get serious with music.

His tunes recall the sound of electronic music moguls as Aphex Twin, Tycho, Boards of Canada and the Balearic trance/house of Orbital, BT or Sasha, all mixed together with hip-hop beats, which he’s a big fan of, and his love for catchy pop songs.

Mokhov is one of the most popular artists in the Beatpick Catalogue and we asked him to share his ‘Beatpick experience’ as an example of how music licensing can be easy and extremely rewarding for both sides.

When did you come across Beatpick? And why did you think it was worth trying?

Autumn 2010. I could get paid for placements of my music. Utilizing Beatpick’s known platform versus starting from scratch meant increased likelihood of getting that first placement. Also, it was non-exclusive, so I didn’t need to give up any rights.

How would you describe your experience with Beatpick?

Easy, fast, and clear. From a submission standpoint, because minimal information input was required from me, and my music went live in the catalog shortly after being accepted. From a staff standpoint, because I quickly developed a personal relationship with Alfonso (Beatpick Music Supervisor), who is friendly, helpful, and quick to reply. From a placement standpoint, because I automatically got notified of a placement as it happened, and within a few months I got paid for it.

How entering the Beatpick catalogue has impacted on your artist career?

Getting placements, being able to leverage the social proof and legitimization that comes from that, having my music discovered through those placements and getting directly contacted, and of course, having another income stream.

Do you find your being in the Beatpick catalogue profitable?

I do.

What was your favourite project you’ve been involved with thanks to Beatpick?

Products and brands are great. But it’s especially satisfying seeing other creatives use my music, like ONEMORE Pictures and the video for Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles project.

What would you tell to an artist that wants to give Beatpick a try?

If you’re proud of your music and want it to get placements and get paid, submit it to Beatpick. There’s no reason not to, since the deal is non-exclusive. You can still submit elsewhere, do your own thing, etc.

Any other thing you want to tell us?

I feel non-exclusivity is very important in the digital online age, especially for independent creators. Put your product in as many baskets as possible, diversifying income. That not only alleviates risk or dependence on one source, but also increases overall income.

Beatpick has become my favorite licensing catalogue, whenever people inquire about licensing my music, I always point them to my Beatpick page.

Mokhov music can be listened and licensed here.

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