Introduction to Soundreef: the most progressive and efficient music rights management company in Europe.



Before becoming a successful businessman, Beatpick founder Davide d’Atri lived in London, studying economics, working as a DJ and pursuing his love of music. His interest in the mechanics of the music business made him wonder why European collecting societies still had monopolies in their respective nations when the US monopolies were abolished back in 1945. He wasn’t to get an answer until 2008, when the European Commission confirmed that the monopolies were unfair and that other companies could compete with national collecting societies throughout the European Union. In 2011, Davide, with the Beatpick catalogue under his arm and the law finally on his side, he planned to challenge the traditional copyright collection societies by offering Soundreef.


Soundreef licenses businesses to play its members’ music. As well as granting licenses to use music, it gathers and distributes royalties on behalf of authors and publishers, providing an alternative to traditional copyright collection societies. It provides right holders with complete transparency and is progressive, efficient and cost effective: artists, record labels and publishers are told how their music is used and how much they have earned, and music users benefit from simple, cost-effective licenses.

Soundreef operates in the UK, USA, Italy, France, Sweden and Spain. It provides music for thousands of stores across Europe, reaching over 45 million customers every month and paying royalties on over 150,000 songs.


Soundreef provides high quality background music for every type of business – from supermarkets, malls and restaurants to electronics, clothing and furniture shops and more. As well as providing music, they gather and distribute royalties for it, providing an alternative to traditional music copyright collection societies such as SACEM, BUMA/STEMRA, STIM, SIAE, SGAE and TONO. This can save businesses as much as 50% on the licence fees they usually pay their local collecting societies.

Soundreef only uses the highest quality music. All the tracks are hand picked by Music Supervisors, who listen to every track and produce the best mix for background broadcasting. Soundreef has a catalogue of over 150,000 songs from all kinds of artists, from familiar acts to unknown singer-songwriters, in all kinds of styles – from rock, pop and jazz to lounge, and house and dance to classical! The international music catalogue is constantly updated, with new music chosen according to industry expertise, trends, client demands and academic research. Soundreef can deliver their music to your preferred  in-store radio agency or broadcaster, or provide it directly via internet streaming. They can also give provide music via an mp3 player or USB memory stick.


If you’re an artist, record label or publisher, registering your music with Soundreef is simple and free: all you need to do is upload your music to the Soundreef website, where it will be reviewed by a Music Supervisor. You’ll make a non-exclusive agreement covering the European Union, which can be terminated at any time with 60 days’ written notice – and most importantly, your rights will still be 100% yours!

Your music will be broadcast by thousands of businesses across Europe, reaching a selected audience that is known to like your genre and style. The royalty collection process is transparent: since the businesses who play music from the catalogue are directly linked to Soundreef, the music they use is tracked. Royalties are split 50/50 between you and Soundreef every time your music is used, which means they’ll try to get your music played as much as possible!


To get royalties for their gigs, artists currently have to write a list of the songs they are going to play and file it with their collecting society. Unfortunately, many artists don’t see the point of this practice: the money that should come from live music royalties usually get lost somewhere between the venue and the collecting society, or it takes so long for the collecting societies to pay the artist that it’s difficult to see where the profit comes from – and that’s before we even consider the obscure criteria the collecting societies use to decide what the artist should be paid!

Soundreef is pleased to announce that those days are over: they’re launching a new service that will make it worth filing your set list. It’s transparent, and easy to set up: register your songs with Soundreef, then send your set list to them before or after your gig. They’ll collect your royalties from the event organiser, and they’ll pay them to you within 90 days. This revolutionary system means you’ll be paid the royalties you’re due, and without having to wait so long!

To find out more, and be one of the first to sign up, join the live events mailing list.

You’ll get more information about the service, and maybe even some sneak previews before the service is due to launch in February 2014. This new service is available on a first come, first served basis, so don’t miss out!

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