New Works: Gazzetta dello Sport and Panini Comics.

Beatpick teamed up with the italian Industrial Strange to produce two adverts now airing on both national TV and Radio.

The collaboration includes:

-The production of a video  dedicated to football legend Diego Armando Maradona, commissioned by  “Gazzetta dello Sport”, the most popular Italian sport newspaper.      The video advertises the brand new DVD series which celebrates the players who made the history of football and it will be enclosed with the magazine.

-The launch of Panini Comics new release, dedicated to the popular Italian cartoonist Milo Manara, known in Italy and abroad for the sensual charm of his illustrations.           Manara’s comics are presented for the first time entirely coloured and with unedited covers.

 The tracks featured are: Justin Dodge, “Wardman West”  and, “Oh She Wades” by Those Willows,  both listenable and licensable on Beatpick music library.

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