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Good audio quality is a crucial component of music, if not the most important. Some musicians don’t have the money to afford a recording studio, some are just taken by the urges to record at improbable times of the day and night; in any case it’s a good thing to have everything in place because when the inspiration strikes and you’re about to record the best tune you’ve ever came up with, you want to sound it good.

The important things to consider to reach a good quality sound are three: the first one is the microphone.

It’s pretty obvious that the computer mic alone won’t do the job, sadly in this case money matters. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a huge amount to get yourself a decent mic. (more info here)

The second issue to consider is the recording environment. The place where you record would probably be your bedroom or a garage if you are lucky and you don’t realise how many external sounds there are in a house until you need silence.

You need to get rid of as many noises as you can, some good tips are hanging curtains or blankets all over the room, cover the walls in eggs containers (they do not let sound go in or out of the room), foam or, even better, acoustic foam.

There’s also a brilliant solution which is the portable soundproof box, cost effective and easy to do it by yourselves, you can find it here.

Last but not least a good sound card. You probably won’t need much more than your built in computer sound card, but if you aim for a really good quality sound, you might want to invest in something conceived for that very purpose. Following this link you can find an exhaustive list of valuable sound cards which won’t rip you off.

With these three components all set, you can start to record decent guitar/voice tunes, but it’s just a start, to have a better insight on home recording, we recommend the articles below.

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